What are Coreworks' service fees?

Please contact me for more information on fee structure. I offer several retainer tiers in tandem with an hourly rate. 

Marketing Research Retainer (monthly); I search the web and various print sources daily for new RFQs of interest. I publish these to a password-protected Research Site that is available only to clients. Even if your firm has a marketing division, I can help by notifying you of RFQs they may miss. Standard Form Services; Standard Forms work & associated document services are also available at a general rate. Initial costs for set-up for a standard form under this tier may be elevated but, after the initial set-up, follow-up preparation costs are usually much lower.

Research + Review Retainer (monthly); this includes all the above plus review of your prepared SOQs, letters, etc. Clients who use Coreworks via this retainer typically already have a person (or persons) on staff who prepare their SOQs but may want additional review assistance (as well as the marketing research). 

Full Service Retainer (monthly); all services above, plus preparation of Standard Form SOQs and associated materials (covers, cover letter editing, etc.).