What services does Coreworks offer?

Coreworks offers the following services:

RFQ Research. I review dozens of websites and print journals daily, looking for RFQs (request for qualifications) of interest to my clients, and publish them on my password-protected Research Site. 

Standard Forms. This is the crux of my business and the primary service I offer. I've worked with dozens of standard form types (most of which are listed on my résumé) and can create standard forms from scratch (I've also created forms for several Louisiana municipalities) or from your sample document. Note that free-form responses are not considered Standard Form responses and thus not generally handled by Coreworks, but I can help. Let me know.

Covers. Straightforward covers (front & back, and non-tabbed section dividers) for submittals, including SOQs, Reports, and anything that needs more than a simple text cover.

Résumé Preparation. I can prepare résumés from scratch or varied source documents, and help your company determine a standard style. I have also prepared hundreds of "hire me" résumés for individuals since the 1980s. 

Letter Writing. Usually in concert with Standard Forms preparation, I can help with cover letters for such documents. 

Editing. This includes general editing and readability reviews of letters, resumes, and similar documents. Time constraints often limit availability for this service; please contact me to discuss.

Fillable Form Creation (including Affidavits). Tired of hard-to-use Word documents for Affidavits and the like? Let me know, I can help.