Since 1992, I have worked with a number of entities throughout Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas who work in a number of industries (including civil, environmental, mechanical, & electrical engineering; architectural; surveying; medical; laboratory & testing; etc.). I have also performed services for various municipalities and private individuals, providing all manner of document services.

A partial listing of entities I have worked with would include the following:

Analysis Laboratories, Inc.

Atlantic Technologies, Inc.

Ardaman & Associates, Inc. (formerly Soil Testing Engineers, Inc.) (Internet Consulting)

Barowka & Bonura, Engineers & Consultants, LLC

BD Aire, LLC (Private Airline)

Beta Testing & Inspection, Inc.

BFM Corporation, LLC (Land Surveying)

Blue Williams, LLC

Buchart-Horn, Inc. (Consulting Engineers)

Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc.(Consulting Engineers & Architects)

CDMSmith (formerly Camp Dresser & McKee)

Cali & LaPlace Engineers, LLC

Casbarian Engineering Associates, LLC

Carl Mullican Communications

Carubba Engineering (Civil & Structural Engineers)

Citywide Testing & Inspections, Inc.

CS & Associates

Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc. (CTE)

Crescent Engineering Group, LLC

Davezac Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Delta Water, Inc.

Digital Engineering

Early Learning Services, LLC (Early Childhood Development)

Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc.

Fleming Construction Company, Inc.

Geographic Computer Technologies, Inc.

Gerrity Consulting, Inc.

Greg Cantrell, Inc. (Landscape Architects)

Groome & Associates, LLC (Engineering Consultants)

Gulf South Engineering and Testing, Inc.

Gunner & Associates, Inc. (Consulting Engineers)

Herb Society of America, Arkansas Unit

H. Davis Cole & Associates, LLC (Consulting Engineers)

Hartman Engineering, Inc. (Consulting Engineers)

Infinity Engineering Consultants, LLC

Jordan Jones & Goulding (Consulting Engineers)

The City of Kenner, Louisiana

Kyle Associates, LLC (Consulting Engineers)

Lagniappe Environmental, LLC

Langham Consulting Services, Inc.

Leader, et al (Consulting)

Leader & Oiler, Inc. (Consulting)

Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc.

MWH Americas, Inc. (formerly Montgomery Watson Harza)

The Moonpie Café (Bryant, Arkansas)

Murray/Architects, Inc.

Nichols & Banting of New Orleans (Landscaping)

Other World Computing

PRO Insiders (Public Relations/Consulting)

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) (Consulting Engineers)

Rahman & Associates, LLC (Consulting Engineers)

The Rightway Group

Sizeler Thompson Brown, Architects

The City of Slidell, Louisiana

Star Energy Services

Stewart Title of Louisiana

Strategic Planning Associates, LLC (Consulting)

Stuart Consulting Group (SCG)

SWLeader Inc. (Consulting)

Southern Tae Kwon Do Association

The Technology Group

Three Fold Consultants, LLC

Turner & Banting, LLC (Landscaping)

Urban Planning & Innovations, Inc. (Consulting Engineers)

Urban Systems Associates (Transportation Engineering/Planning)

URS Corporation (Consulting Engineers)

Waldemar S. Nelson, Inc. (Consulting Engineers)

Water & Sewer Products, Inc.

Weston Solutions (Design Engineering)

All services performed in the strictest of confidence. Information only shared when requested to do so.