I began performing writing and editing services to companies and private parties in the years before graduating Loyola University New Orleans in December 1990. After graduation, I worked for two international engineering firms. In 1992, I established my own company, Coreworks (originally Creative Writing Resources), which provides professional document services for a number of client firms. 

In the past twenty years, I have worked on scores of the following documents (samples of most are available upon request):

  • standard forms (SF330s, SF255s & regional variants - see below)
  • proposals (for both local and international firms)
  • letters (from letter proposals to simple communication)
  • résumés (both personal and corporate-based)
  • databases (in FileMaker Pro) (inception to maintenance; including project description databases, client contact/holiday databases, etc.)
  • project description sheets (single page project announcement-type documents)
  • covers (photo & text covers for submittals, etc.)

Though well acquainted with engineering-type firms in the scope of my services, I have also written a number of reviews (Macintosh hardware/software, books, films), short stories, and even served as a location consultant for a published comic book series. It is my desire to continue to expand my experience and work with a multitude of firm types.

Beyond writing, I provide out-of-the-box and basic assistance to Macintosh users, as well as software, hardware, and upgrade consultations for the Mac OS and the Macintosh platform.


I execute a good deal of forms work; it's my specialty. Forms I've worked on have included, but are not limited to, the following standard forms. Samples are available upon request; see the Reference Site for additional info.

  • Federal Standard Form (SF) 255
  • Federal SF 254
  • Federal SF 252 (rarely used)
  • Federal SF 330
  • Louisiana Dept. of Transportation & Development (DOTD) SF 24-102
  • Louisiana DOTD SF 24-102 (1984 version)
  • Louisiana DOTD SOQ-1
  • Louisiana Office of Facility Planning & Control LE-1
  • Port of New Orleans PONO24-102 (24-102 variant)
  • City of New Orleans (CNO) Professional Services Form
  • City of Mandeville Professional Services Questionnaire
  • New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB) S-03A
  • Jefferson Parish Professional Services Questionnaire
  • Jefferson Parish Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) Questionnaire
  • Plaquemines Parish Prof Services Questionnaire
  • St. Bernard Professional Services Questionnaire
  • St. Tammany Parish Professional Services Questionnaire
  • St. Charles Parish Professional Services Questionnaire
  • St. Tammany School Board Questionnaire

Several forms noted above were created by me for said agencies. 


Coreworks (since November 1992; originally Creative Writing Resources)

MWH (January to November 1992)

CDM (January to December 1991)


Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, 1990, Loyola University, New Orleans (Dean's List (GPA 3.5 or higher) for majority of college career). A few credits shy of a Minor in Music History; I was also a trumpet player from middle school up until my junior year in college.


Advanced experience with many Macintosh Desktop Publishing programs, including Adobe Creative Suite and FileMaker Pro.


Married (1995); Three Children (b 1997, 2000, and 2001)

New Orleans Area Resident from 1966 to 2005

Relocated to Little Rock AR area in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005